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Learn Investment Performance is the go to resource for investment management professionals in operations, fund accounting or performance. If you are ready to learn how to calculate a portfolio market value and be the guru at investment performance calculations, then let's go!  We don't just skim the surface, but really try to help you understand how this stuff works.

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15 Jan. 2019

P&L Calculation – 7 Concepts You Should Know

P&L Calculation – What Is It?  Before I jump into the 7 concepts, let’s first define what I mean by P&L.  A P&L calculation (aka Profit and Loss, or Gain/Loss calculation) measures how much money someone made on their[...]
1 Nov. 2018

Total Return With Dividends Reinvested – A Myth!

Total Return With Dividends Reinvested – It’s All a Myth! Before we dive into the details of probably one of the most misunderstood performance topics out there, let’s quickly talk about what a dividend is. What is a Dividend? When you invest in a co[...]

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My name is Krista and I have over 10 years experience in Investment Performance Measurement. When I first started learning about performance, all the books and resources started with complex mathematical equations. I grew frustrated that I couldn't find any resources to learn about investment operations, market values, portfolio accounting, and all the inputs to the return formulas. I had to learn this the hard way of years of being on the job. I hope to make this easier for the next person out there and hopefully learn more myself as part of this process.

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