Learn Investment Performance is the go to resource for investment management professionals in operations, fund accounting or performance.

When I first started learning about performance, all the books and resources started with complex mathematical equations. I grew frustrated that I couldn’t find any resources to learn about investment operations, market values, portfolio accounting, and all the inputs to the return formulas. I had to learn this the hard way of years of being on the job. I hope to make this easier for the next person out there.

If you want to start at the beginning, start with the basics here.

If you have a specific question, see if its in the list of questions below or use the menu bar at the top or use the search bar to find a specific topic.

How is a Profit and Loss calculated?

How does a purchase of an equity stock get reflected in a return?

What happens when dividends are paid out?

If you have an idea of a topic to be added, please e-mail me here.  You can do so anonymously.

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